Plastic Enclosure Boxes S Series


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Plastic Enclosure Boxes  S Series

S Series enclosures is screw thread of the base for connecting cover is molded so that it has sufficient strength and not broken 
when tightening screw.

Level of dustproof and waterproof :  IP 66/67

Impact test :  IK 07/08

Temperature range :   ABS : - 40 ~ + 70  l  Polycarbonate(PC) : - 40 ~ + 110

Flammability Rating:   ABS : 94-HB  l  Polycarbonate(PC) : 94-V-0, 5VA, HB


- It has few discoloration even used outdoors for a long time by addition of UV Stabilizer.

- It protects electric/electronic instruments by using the material with substance preventing static electricity.

- It is easy to make without breakage in hole and drill press and very strong against impact by using the material for high impact resistance.

- We can supply optimized products which will be made of ordered material you request considering purpose and area used besides standard specification.

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