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G ( PF ) and NPT Type  
Multi-Hole Insert Cable Glands (4 Holes) 

Material: Halogen-free Nylon PA 66 ( Flammability UL 94V-2 ) for A.C.E.F parts. ( Contact us for Flammability V0 material )
Standard in weather-resistant EPDM rubbers for B.D parts. ( NBR rubber is optional for oil-resistance applications )
Our black cable glands are suitable for outdoor use have been subjected to UV light exposure and water immersion same as UL746C (f1) rating. UV ( Irradiance 340 nm ) exposure is performed by using a xenon-arc weatherometer for 1000 hours and intermittent exposure to water spray.

IP Protection : IP68 - depending on the less differences between cable diameters & sealing-hole openings. ( Less is Better )

Working temperature : - 40 °C to 105 °C ( - 40 °F to 221 °F ). Short-Term to 160 °C ( 320 °F ).

Application :  SWith AVC’s unique clamping design, a multi-hole cable gland allows several cables to be lead through it simultaneously and can provides excellent watertight performance for each wire. From the widest variety choices of AVC’s gland bodies & multi-hole inserts, there is no need
to use one gland for each wire, so the spaces of wire entries can be reduced ( good for limited spaces ). These high quality cable glands are the best solutions to minimize the costs, spaces and working time used in electrical and electronics technologies, machines, telecommunications, wireless networking ODUs, power supplies, switches, junction boxes, solar PV modules, inverters, lightings, displays, traf cs, signals, surveillance/security cameras, measurings, sensors, plant engineerings, installations and any kind of equipment for
outdoor / indoor multi-cable entry applications.

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