Plastic Push Button Box

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Plastic Push Button Box

Plastic Push button enclosure is no need additional machining when you install 22, 25 or 30mm push button and switches.  Our pushbutton switch box is made from ABS and polycarbonate.  Switch boxes have 1,2 or 3 push button entries and it has 22mm molded knockouts in base for easy installation

Level of dustproof and waterproof :  IP 66/67

Impact test :  IK 07/08

Temperature range :   ABS : - 40 ~ + 70  l  Polycarbonate(PC) : - 40 ~ + 110

Flammability Rating:   ABS : 94-HB  l . Polycarbonate(PC) : 94-V-0, 5VA, HB


- It has few discoloration even used outdoors for a long time by addition of UV Stabilizer.

- It protects electric/electronic instruments by using the material with substance preventing static electricity.

- It is easy to make without breakage in hole and drill press and very strong against impact by using the material for high impact resistance.

- We can supply optimized products which will be made of ordered material you request considering purpose and area used besides standard specification.


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